Dermal Filler Dos and Don’ts for Wrinkles, Lips, and More

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The cliche that suffering is a necessary component of beauty is untrue in the modern world. Keeping young and looking our best doesn’t have to be painful or even complicated, thanks to science and the advancement of technology. Dermal filler treatments are a worthy addition to your cosmetic routine, but because there are so many myths about them, many people are unsure of the best procedures.

This post focuses on the dos and don’ts of dermal fillers.

The Dos and Don’ts of Dermal Fillers

Face fillers provide naturally revitalized, younger-looking, plumper, moisturized, and fuller skin. Consider the following dos and don’ts for dermal fillers to get the best results.

Do: Educate Yourself About How the Treatment Works When Considering It

Simply put, fillers operate by regaining bulk in parts of your body that have lost it due to aging. Aging typically affects the lips and cheekbone regions, but it also regularly reduces wrinkles beneath the eyes – which can cause a person to look tired.

We frequently observe the sagging effects of aging, even in the palms and earlobes. If you encounter any of these, dermal fillers might be helpful. Consider it a restorative procedure that restores what was previously present.

Don’t: Take Blood-Thinning Medicines or Supplements.

Before receiving treatment, stay away from all non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications. Blood thinners, in general, affect how the body responds to many treatments, including dermal fillers, and may prolong healing time and cause excessive swelling, bruising, or markings at the injection sites.

Vitamin C, E, and fish oil are on the list of substances that thin the blood. Therefore it’s crucial to refrain from taking them in the days before your treatment.

Do: Work with the Best in the Business

Choose a qualified healthcare professional who has dermatology or plastic surgery knowledge and has received dermal filler injection training. A filler that has received FDA approval should be used in appropriately labeled, sealed vials or pre-filled syringes.

Professional dermal filler injectors know the proper procedure and will help you make the most of the treatment. They should ask you about your health and medical condition to determine whether you are a suitable candidate.

Don’t: Consume Alcohol

Don’t consume alcohol for at least the day before, the day of, and the day following your treatment. Although some people find wine calming, it also works as a temporary blood thinner and affects your response and healing time just as much as any NSAID.

Do: Give the Dermal Filler Time to Settle

After your treatment, give yourself at least two weeks before planning any major events. Most fillers take roughly that long to “settle” into full effect, and most patients experience at least some swelling or bruising following treatment. We advise delaying scheduling any significant photo opportunities for a bit after receiving therapy because of these reasons.

Don’t: Take a Full Day Off Work.

The treatment just takes a few minutes, especially if you and your esthetician have already had the suggested consultation. Most folks are shocked by how quick and ordinary the entire process is. Its convenience is one of the reasons it has grown to be such a well-known operation.

Do: Expect Some Discomfort

Since dermal fillers are injectables, some moderate discomfort is expected during the process. Your technician will make every effort to minimize any discomfort throughout this procedure.

Some customers would rather we apply a topical anesthetic, which reduces discomfort. However, most people describe the experience as somewhat uncomfortable rather than painful.

Don’t: Expose Yourself to High Temperatures

Avoid using saunas, hot tubs, and scorching showers for at least two days to prevent severe swelling and bruising. Avoiding heat is crucial. Avoid vigorous exercise, hot weather, tanning beds, and steam rooms.

Although the summer heat doesn’t always make this simple, it’s an essential step in your recovery and can contribute to the best outcomes.

Do: Apply Cold Compress

Have a cold compress ready for healing to help with comfort and swelling. After receiving dermal filler injections, most people experience some swelling, but most of the time, all that is required to reduce those side effects is a cold compress.

Don’t: Touch the Treated Areas for Six to Eight Hours

Medical professionals advise not touching the affected area for at least 48 hours after your filler treatment because the danger of infection significantly increases during this period. Using your hands or even a cosmetics brush to touch the region dramatically increases the chance of infection. So, avoid wearing makeup for at least 6 to 8 hours, no matter how tempting it may seem!

Do: Avoid Getting More Work Done on the Treated Areas

Refrain from touching your face physically within at least two weeks after your filler procedure. Once injected, the filler needs some time to “set” itself. For most people, the filler setting takes place in roughly two weeks.

It’s crucial to avoid physically modifying those places throughout that period. For two weeks following any facial dermal filler procedures, you should refrain from using derma rollers, microdermabrasion, facial massages, and even semi-permanent makeup.

Don’t: Use Dermal Fillers Sold Directly to the Public

Don’t purchase dermal fillers that are offered for sale directly to consumers. They might be counterfeit, tainted, or unfit for usage in the United States. Dermal fillers that have received FDA approval are exclusively meant for prescription use.

Furthermore, don’t try injecting fillers into your skin by yourself. It’s always best to work with trained and certified professionals.

Do: Contact Your Provider if Side Effects Persist

If you suffer any persistent pain, unusual bruising, excessive swelling, or anything else that is concerning, get in touch with your doctor.

Don’t: Have Dermal Filler Injections During Pregnancy or the Nursing Period

If you are expecting or nursing, AVOID getting dermal fillers. Waiting till breastfeeding is over is a good idea.

Do: Get the Best Dermal Filler Service in Massachusetts

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