Does Kybella Work?

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Kybella is a treatment that doesn’t involve surgery and is meant to get rid of fat in certain body parts. It has become a popular choice for people who want a more sculpted look but want to avoid surgery’s risks and recovery time. 

But does Kybella do what it says? Let’s look at this post with us here at Skin Design Aesthetics. Keep on reading! 

What Kybella Does

The thing that makes Kybella work is deoxycholic acid, a molecule found in the body that helps break down fat. When Kybella is injected into the area of concern, it breaks down the fat cells, which the body then gets rid of naturally.

Injections are given to the affected area several times over a few months as part of the treatment. How many injections a person needs will depend on how much fat they want to get rid of and their goals.

What Can It Treat?

Kybella is mainly used to get rid of fat under the chin, also called “double chin” fat. You can also use it to get rid of small pockets of fat in places like the bra bulge, the knees, and parts of the stomach that don’t go away.

It’s essential to remember that Kybella is not a way to lose weight, and it’s not meant to take the place of a healthy lifestyle. Instead, diet and exercise work best for people who can’t get rid of fat in certain areas.

But, How Effective Is It?

Clinical studies have shown that Kybella is an excellent way to get rid of fat under the chin. The FDA approved Kybella in 2015 to be used only under the chin.

Patients have been pleased with Kybella; after just a few treatments, many have seen a significant change in the treated area. In one clinical study, 79% of people who had only two treatments were happy with their appearance.

Keep your expectations in check and work with a qualified provider to devise a treatment plan that works for you. This process can save you time and budget for your treatment.

Possible Risk & Side Effects

Kybella has possible side effects and risks, just like any other treatment. Most of the time, swelling, bruising, and pain at the injection site are the most common side effects. These side effects only last a few days and go away.

Less common but more severe side effects can include nerve damage, trouble swallowing, or an uneven smile. To reduce the risk of complications, choose a qualified provider with experience with Kybella who can evaluate your risks and needs.

Kybella at Skin Design Aesthetics

Kybella is the first fat-cell-killing injection that the FDA has approved. Kybella has an ingredient called deoxycholic acid, which is found in our bodies and breaks down fat. 

By injecting Kybella into specific areas, like the submental fat (“double chin”), we can strategically (and permanently!) get rid of these pockets of fat. Most patients needed two to four treatments spaced four to six weeks apart to get the best results.

Some non-approved uses of Kybella are:

  • Bra bulges
  • Back fat
  • A lower-belly pooch
  • Armpit bulges
  • Jowls in the area around the jawline
  • Folds of fat on the lower buttocks (banana rolls)
  • Inner knee fat 
  • And more! 

Things To Consider 

Even though Kybella is ideal and proven effective, if you’re considering getting Kybella, make sure you research and choose a provider with a good reputation and experience with the treatment. 

And remember that while Kybella can help you reach your aesthetic goals, it’s not a replacement for healthy lifestyle choices like working out regularly and eating a balanced diet.

Whether or not you use, Kybella depends on your needs and wants. You can decide if Kybella is right for you if you know how the treatment works, what it can treat, how well it works, and if there are any possible risks.

Once you and your doctor have decided on a treatment plan, you will probably get a series of injections at different times over a few months. To get the best results, you should pay close attention to what your provider tells you to do. 

Depending on your needs, you may need more than one treatment round to get the desired results. 

Is Kybella Safe To Combine With Other Treatments?

The good news is that Kybella can be safely combined with other treatments to enhance its results. However, it’s essential to consult your healthcare provider or aesthetician to determine which treatments can be safely combined with Kybella. 

Some treatments that may complement Kybella include Botox, fillers, and skin-tightening procedures. Combining treatments can provide a more comprehensive approach to achieving your aesthetic goals. Still, it’s essential to follow the guidelines provided by your provider.

Who is The Ideal Candidate For Kybella?

Kybella is an effective treatment for individuals who have excess fat under their chin. The ideal candidate for Kybella is someone who is in good overall health, at or near their ideal weight, and has good skin elasticity. 

If you have a double chin or excess fat under your chin that doesn’t go away with diet and exercise, Kybella may be the solution for you. 

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