Smooth Operator LILFOX Dermaplane Facial – South Shore MA

Smooth Operator LILFOX Dermaplane Facial – South Shore MA

The ultimate in skin rejuvenation. The Smooth Operator combines the benefits of dermaplaning with the clean, but active, products of LILFOX. The result is baby soft skin that appears more radiant and allows for improved penetration of skin care.
Dermaplaning is a treatment that utilizes a medical-grade scalpel to exfoliate the skin. By gently scraping the skin with the blade, the dead, top layer of skin is removed, as well as fine vellus hairs (“peach fuzz”). Get this Dermaplane Facial in South Shore MA. Visit us

Benefits of dermaplaning include:


Lilfox Dermaplane Smooth Operator is a skincare product that is used for exfoliation and hair removal on the face. It is a blade made specifically for dermaplaning and can be used at home, rather than undergoing the procedure at a spa or clinic.

Dermaplaning is generally considered safe when performed by a licensed esthetician or dermatologist.

You may consider dermaplaning if you have any of the following skin concerns:

  1. Dull or rough skin texture: If your skin feels rough or has a dull appearance, dermaplaning can help to remove the top layer of dead skin cells, leaving the skin smoother and brighter.
  2. Fine lines and wrinkles: If you have fine lines and wrinkles, dermaplaning can temporarily make them less noticeable by removing the top layer of dead skin cells.
  3. Acne scarring: If you have acne scarring, dermaplaning can help to smooth out the skin surface, making the scars less noticeable.
  4. Excess facial hair: If you have excess vellus hair (peach fuzz) on your face, dermaplaning can help to remove it, leading to a softer appearance.
  5. Clogged pores: If you have clogged pores, dermaplaning can help to remove the top layer of dead skin cells and unclog the pores.


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