What is The Difference Between BBL and Forever Young BBL?

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Are you looking for ways to look younger? Sciton Forever Young BBL can be the best solution. The treatment can improve a wide range of concerns, which can help you achieve your goal. 

Sciton® also offers a specific anti-aging treatment called Forever Young BBLTM. Without surgery, this treatment helps with the most common skin problems, like sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Run down the lane with Skin Design Aesthetics and see how we can help you work with your worries. But first, let’s discover how BBL and Forever Young BBL differ!

The Key Difference Between The Two

The most important thing about Forever Young BBLTM is that it works on the skin’s deeper layers, where we see the most signs of aging. This laser treatment is the only one that precisely targets skin molecules linked to aging. 

It also makes your body’s natural ability to grow healthy new skin work better. The truth is, both are pretty hard to understand. Sciton and use BroadBand Light to target chromophores and help with photorejuvenation. 

Many BBL offices must tell the difference between the usual and the Forever Young procedures. But there is a difference, and it’s a big one. BBL takes a lot of energy and has fewer passes than Forever Young BBL, which takes less energy and has more keys.

Studies at places like Stanford University show that the more BBL that gets into our skin, the better it is for our skin. BBL is a stand-alone procedure that is known all over the world to stop the skin from getting older. 

So, whether you get BBL or Forever Young BBL, your skin will look clearer, smoother, and younger after either one.

Sciton Forever Young BBL at Skin Design Aesthetics

Here at Skin Design Aesthetics, the Sciton Forever Young BBL (BroadBand Light) is the next generation of phototherapy. It is a complete skin solution that can be used anywhere on the body to improve pigment, redness, and overall skin quality. 

Pulses of light energy are used in this treatment to heat the skin’s surface gently. This starts the body’s natural healing process, leading to more collagen and elastin.

The result is a skin tone that is more even and has more brightness and luminosity that improves over time. The treatments are painless, and there is little or no downtime. 

BBL works on most skin types, and you can see a difference after just one treatment. With traditional IPL, you might need 5–6 sessions to get the same results. But what can you benefit from Forever Young BBL? Here’s the answer: 

BBL can make age spots (dark red or brown spots) look better. And it can also work on your:

  • Sun damage/sun spots
  • Freckles
  • Vascular lesions (telangiectasias, cherry angiomas)
  • Poikiloderma
  • Rosacea (redness) (redness)
  • Acne

The Ideal Candidates

Many men and women come to our office to get more precise, smoother skin and to improve their skin’s firmness, elasticity, and color, especially around the holidays when they are likely to go to parties. 

Almost anyone can get the Forever Young BBLTM treatment because you can change the technology to fit all skin types.

Recovery For Forever Young BBL

After treatment, people look red and flushed, but this goes away in a few hours. For people with pigmented skin, the treated pigmented area will darken, fade, and then flake off over time, usually within 1 to 2 weeks. Patients also say that the procedure is not too painful, and there is no recovery or downtime.

Can Forever Young BBL Help You Look Good?

Yes! A long-term clinical study proved it. Over a decade, people got BBL treatments regularly. 

At the end of the study, the doctors said that the patients looked 11 years younger than their actual age. In other words, they looked more youthful than they did at the start of the study.

How Many Sessions Would You Need?

Different people need different numbers of treatments, and the doctors and nurses at Skin Design Aesthetics will make a plan for you based on how much you want to change. 

Your doctor or other medical professionals may also combine your treatment with other popular cosmetic procedures to help you get the best results. 

Remember that regular treatments — at least once a year—have been shown to make patients look ten years younger than when they first started Forever Young BBL treatments.

What Should You Expect More?

There may be some redness, but it should go away in a few hours. Some pigmented lesions will get darker when treated but fade and fall off after a while. 

When you treat your skin, it will feel smoother, and your pores will be less noticeable. Sunspots and uneven pigmentation will also fade. 

The results depend on your condition, the number of treatments, and the treated area. We will tell you everything you need to know about caring for yourself and how the treatment went.

Aftercare Plan

It is essential to stick to the treatment plan that has been made for you. You might be given products to take care of your skin and told how to use them.

You will be sensitive to UV light, so stay out of the sun until you are fully healed. Cover your treated skin completely when you go outside, or use a good sunscreen.

Book an Appointment Today!

Even though Forever Young BBLTM doesn’t involve surgery, you should ensure your provider is trained and qualified to do this treatment. 

For the best results, it’s essential to follow the advice of a board-certified plastic surgeon. You need help from a professional to get the desired results. 

Talk to all the doctors and dermatologists you’re thinking about to find the best one for your needs. You can also reach us here at Skin Design Aesthetics whenever you wish. Call us directly at 781-924-5173.

Explore our other services like Derma Peel, Micro channeling Facial, and SkinPen Microneedling. Who knows? You may need more of this to achieve your aesthetic goals!

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