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Pre-Wedding Skincare Tips for Brides-to-Be

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Getting married? Congratulations! If you’re new to medical aesthetics and are interested in injectables, skin treatments and skin health you came to the right place. There are many things you can do before your big day, or days, because let’s face it, there’s a bachelorette party, bridal shower, wedding and honeymoon. You’re going to be immortalized in so many photos- think of the thank you cards, Christmas cards and all the framing you’re going to want to do. Plus, your new husband’s ex-girlfriends are going to be creeping on all those Instagram stories, too. 

So, what do you do? You book a consultation. Shoot for soon after your engagement or at least 8 months before the big day. Come in and talk to us, tell us what your goals are. It’s different for everyone and we want to get you there, whatever the finish line may be. Remember good things take time, so the sooner you start, the more time you have to get your skin to its fullest potential. 

At your consultation we’ll talk everything from medical grade skincare to injectables to skin treatments that may be beneficial. Here we’re going to back solve on timing for everything, so here’s a rough guideline on how to approach all of this.



Have your consultation. Make your treatment plan. Receive first Botox/Dysport treatment. Start medical grade skincare. 


Assess skin progress. Start skin treatments (BBL/Moxi, SkinPen Microneedling, Perfect Derma Peel). Receive first injectable treatment (ie: dermal filler, Sculptra).


2nd filler/Sculptra treatment (if needed). 2nd skin treatment. Continue skincare. 2nd Botox/Dysport treatment. 


Final skin treatment. Injectable follow up/touch up, if needed. SKINVIVE treatment (if doing). 


Botox/Dysport. Continue skincare. If planning to do dermaplaning or microchanneling before the wedding, we recommend doing a treatment around this time to make sure your skin agrees with it. Then receive another treatment within 1 week of the big day! 

Of course this varies from bride to bride, and although all these things would be fantastic to have, they’re not all necessary. Sometimes it’s just nice to know your options and what’s available to you. So, get in here, get the information you need and get started. We love getting brides ready, we love talking about the planning, we just love…love! 

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