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Meet The Team: Jacquelyn Curran, Aesthetic Coordinator

Meet The Team: Jacquelyn Curran, Aesthetic Coordinator

Jacqui is our Aesthetic Coordinator with a passion for skin care and all things anti-aging. With a background in Fashion Design, Jacqui decided to make the switch to skin care in 2022. She enjoys researching and discovering new skin care lines and their benefits to help patients find the best protocol to meet their individual needs. She loves making people feel comfortable and confident whether it’s their first treatment, or 50th. When she’s not behind the desk at Skin Design, she’s with her two daughters and cute dog, Penny.



What is your sign? Virgo sun, Cancer moon, Cancer rising

My first job was ice cream scooper at Juke Box Junction

What is your favorite color? Pink (or white)

What is your favorite show? Anything on Bravo (just like Kristina said)

My biggest strength is kindness

Do you have kids? Yes! Harper (10) and Holly (8)

What about pets? Yes! Her government name is Penelope Jean Spears

My first celebrity crush was Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Are you a morning person or night owl? Morning person

My favorite way to relax is the infrared sauna at Face + Body Studio

My go to coffee order is a medium iced coffee splash of almond milk, 1 Splenda

The one product I’m bringing to a desert island is the ZO Smart Tone SPF

The name of my memoir would be Things I Do, But Shouldn’t

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